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Programme adapted to beginners and
to the more advanced

Yoga | Fitness
Healthy Nutrition | Blue Space

Energize Yourself | Experience Deep Relaxation
Enhance Your Fitness | Strengthen Your Body

3 Nights Full Board

Ksh 58,500 per person Single | Ksh 54,500 per person Double

*Offer subject to availability. Terms and Conditions apply. Offer based on shared accommodation in 2 or 3 bedroom suites. Offer cannot be combined with any other offers or specials.

  • Healthy vegetarian full board menu
  • Unlimited participation in daily Yoga and Fitness sessions
  • A choice of health juices after each Yoga or Fitness session
  • Afternoon breakout sessions with Tina and Thule to:
    • Delve deeper into the origins of yoga and the meaning of significant Asanas
    • Find out about how best to fuel your body and what food options to choose towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle
  • One 30 minute massage at our 5enses Massage Studio
  • One evening tapas sundowner
  • Accommodation is based on sharing a spacious 2 or 3 bedroom suite with other participants in the retreat - each participant will have their own double bedroom and private bathroom within a suite. The suites include: spacious lounge and dining area opening on to a terrace, modern equipped kitchen, free satellite TV and free WiFi.
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Tina Thyaka
Tina Thyaka

Tina Thyaka

Bio of YOga Instructor

Tina Thyaka

Kenyan born Tina Thyaka's quest in yoga began at an early age. In seeking tools for self-improvement, she found a path to physical, emotional and spiritual transformation.

She studied at the Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Nasik, India and continued to learn Ashtanga yoga under the guidance of Sharon Moon. She is also certified by Next Generation Yoga (U.S) to teach Kids Yoga. Before moving to Nairobi, Tina lived in Mombasa teaching Prenatal and Beginners Yoga at the ISKON temple, Ashtanga Yoga at Bodyworx, and Kids Yoga at Braeburn School and Mombasa Academy.

She's a nature loving, home-schooling mother of two, who loves to share the magic of yoga with others!

Thule Lenneiye
Thule Lenneiye

Thule Lenneiye

Bio of Fitness Instructor

Thule Lenneiye

Thule Lenneiye is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor. Thule is passionate about getting people on track to their fitness goals. Her approach is all about enjoying the experience whilst learning how your body moves and what it takes to get you to the next level.

Thule has been a co-instructor at Sweat Bootcamp in Zimbabwe and incorporates full body movement in all her classes. Certified in 2014 she keeps sessions fresh and fun to keep you coming back! Come for a weekend incorporating weights, functional movement and cardio to get your wellness on!

TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards Winner

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Had an amazingly fantastic 4 days with Tina and Thule! The program was super and my best friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the Yoga, Fitness, Meditation, the healthy vegetarian food, the accommodation and the overall experience that made this trip truly remarkable for us! Tina was just an amazing Yoga teacher and Thule had so much energy in the fitness sessions, it was great fun!Tina's guided meditation left us feeling completely relaxed and so peaceful and the healthy menu and drinks made us feel so light and rejuvenated that we would even wake up before sunrise feeling strong, fit, healthy and lean! The accommodation was very comfortable for the two of us as we got a nice apartment to ourselves with our own rooms and a huge living room and balcony space all to ourselves.A definite must go to event for anyone looking for an amazing healthy retreat experience. And the beach at Lantana Galu was the cherry on top! Absolutely loved every minute of it! Can't wait for the next one! Thank you, Tina and Thule!

Absolutely loved this space and the guided meditation!

Amazing Sunrises and Sunsets, a beautiful beach, amazing food, super health drinks, yoga and meditation, fitness galore, ultra-comfy rooms and beds...................what more could you wish for!


I found the combination of fitness and meditation excellent. The retreat gave me the opportunity to improve my physical practice and deepen my awareness of the other levels of yoga. Absolutely loved it! Would do it again.


Great retreat at a very beautiful and peaceful location. Two great teachers. I made it an even more active weekend by including kitesurfing and therefore the yoga and meditation was even more beneficial. I learned a lot of new things and many parts of my yoga practise have improved. The early morning ashtanga after watching the sunrise were the best. I am looking forward to the next one.


I attended the last yoga and fitness retreat just recently and I have no regrets!! I’m a beginner in yoga and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The classes are fit for every yoga level. Tina would advance or modify the poses as per your capability/level. She explained the theories behind the yoga poses which was very informative. Oh, the guided meditations were so therapeutic!! I always felt so rejuvenated and healed after the meditation sessions. The location is beautiful and serene. Water aerobics and Sunrise beach workouts with Thule were fantastic!! I loved her zeal! Even though the food was vegetarian it was always delicious especially the stuffed chapatis and the variety of salads. I had a wonderful experience and I would do it again.


A fantastic weekend with great yoga, relaxation, good food, nice people and a fabulous setting!


Delightful! Just what I needed...restful, rejuvenating and inspiring.The retreat is suitable for keen yoga beginners as well as the super flexi yogis so don't worry if it’s been a while since you've been on the mat or never at all!Perfect if you like the combination of yoga & fitness plus loads of opportunities for relaxation in stunning scenery with super experienced teachers.



Yoga & Fitness

Yoga is an ancient discipline designed to bring balance and health to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the individual. Yoga is neither a religion nor a cult, but a tool for gaining body-mind awareness.

A yoga session will leave you feeling energized and relaxed. You will work your muscles and align your bones; you will breathe deeply, oxygenating the whole body. You will experience true deep stillness and relaxation.

Yoga takes us to the present moment, the only place where life exists.

Being physically active has numerous benefits of which the top 5 include:

  • Enhancing brain power and mental clarity, postponing the process of aging and increasing the longevity of life
  • Reducing stress by helping to elevate your mood
  • Increasing your level of energy through the release of endorphins in your body
  • Slowing down or preventing a number of diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc and also helps to boost immune function.
  • Strengthening of the heart, the most important muscle in the body by helping the cardiovascular system function more effectively.

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